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This is our most scintillating option with all services included for the entire wedding planning process. You will taste cakes and cuisines, experience bright colour palates unimaginable, smell flowers, discuss place settings, listen to music, as well as having an entire array of choices of vendors. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you feel nothing but excitement for your big day. We will deal with aspects concerning your out of town guests, assisting in deciding of vendors, their contracts and fees. Help design the schematics of the ceremony and reception, sending everyone home with a smile. We want this to be the most memorable dream of your life.

Stage 1
Getting Started – Discuss, develop and design :
  • An overall theme & concept with you
  • A program for the day & night to fit your events
  • Set a feasible budget to work on
  • Ideas for wedding stationary & overall concept
  • Assist in compilation of preliminary guest list
  • Source & compare quotes for venue providers
  • Recommendations with vendor services and products best fitting your vision and budget
  • Negotiation of contract pricing using existing vendor relationship
  • Detailed wedding day timeline including customized timelines
  • Etiquette advisement
Stage 2
Wedding Team – Source, compare & build ideas :
  • Bridal car
  • Entertainment & Master of Ceremony
  • Floral Designer/ Decorator
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Honeymoon
  • Special Effects
  • Special Arrangements/ Vendors
  • Wedding Attire Designers
  • Wedding Stationary
  • Wedding Favors
  • Wedding Cake
  • Venue
Stage 3
The Nitty Gritty – Help coordinate & assist :
  • Religious Ceremonies
  • Traditional Ceremonies
  • Special Touches & Moments
  • Reception layout
  • Out of town guest accommodations, tours, transportation and welcome baskets
  • Final confirmation with vendors concerning delivery and pick up of contracted products and services
Stage 4 :
Bridal Party – Help coordinate, discuss & guide :
  • Attire & Accessories
  • Gift Registry
  • Family Logistics
  • Special Helpers
  • Rehearsals
Stage 5 :
D-Day – Coordinate, liaise, organize and run the entire day’s events and activities
  • Coordination with banquet team ensuring proper communication between kitchen and floor service
  • Coordination with bar manager
  • Executive decision making concerning any day of issues
  • Coordination of vendors on day of including breaks, meals, continued updated timing of all changes
  • Distribution of final payments and gratuities to vendors
  • Collection and delivery of gifts and bijouterie (left over favors and sentimental items) to bridal suite
Pricing for our planning services varies due to location, duration and details of the wedding. To find out more, please call +603 7987 7188 or email us at :
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