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Events Wizard has the resources, expertise and experience to organise a memorable wedding shower, ceremony, reception and banquet for the day.

PLANNING your dream day is supposed to be a fun, exciting and stress-free experience.
The couple should focus on each other and the overall ‘big picture’ of their dream wedding instead of getting bogged down with the dizzying details.

The nitty-gritty details should be left to a professional wedding planner who can ensure that everything is perfectly organised and most of all, it helps lift the burden off your shoulders.

Events Wizard offers professional event management services and consultancy with the best cost solutions available.

As a wedding expert, Events Wizard has the resources, expertise and experience to organise a beautiful and memorable wedding for couples, from the wedding shower to the ceremony, reception and banquet at the end of the day.

Leticia Hsu, wedding director of Events Wizard has a passion for organising beautiful weddings.

“Planning a wedding is a long, detailed process. It can be very tedious.

“However, I derive great satisfaction at the end of the day knowing how pleased and happy the coupld and their families are,” Hsu said.

“Many couples today look for a more intimate ceremony with family and friends,” Hsu said.

Hsu also has experience organising elaborate and large weddings with unique themes such as underwater and fairy-tale inspired weddings full of enchanting decorations and magical ideas.

The couple will first sit down with the wedding planner to work on the venue as well as the overall budget they have for the celebration.

“It doesn’t have to be really expensive to have a special and lovely wedding.
“We can always work within the budget and yet create something that meets your needs.”

With many years of experience in event managemet, Hsu has great and understanding ideas that add colour and meaning to the event, without compromising your needs and preferences.

Hsu will work with you step by step through the countless stages of planning your big day, from finding your perfect gown and shoes to sending invitation cards, working out guest list and organising the decorations and photography.

A good time to prepare for a wedding would be six months so you do not have to rush, Hsu advised.

As an established event organiser, Events Wizard can provide reliable contacts and suppliers for photography, videography, floral arrangements and props and staging, sound and lighting. They should be able to give you good rates.

Events Wizard will plan and organise the ceremonies, decorate the venus, coordinate the event to the last detail and take care of the guests.

The wedding planner is responsible for creating a welcoming ambience at the venue, so that everybody taking part in the event has an enjoyable time.

It will save you both the money and time and needless worry of running the show on your own. The company charges a flat rate of RM2,000.00  only for their services, regardless of the size of the wedding. The same high standard of service is offered to all.

“I will basically be the bride’s best friend for the next few months so it’s utterly important that she is comfortable and at ease with me,” Hsu said.

All you need to do is give Events Wizard a call at 03-79877188 to fix an appointment. You can also log on to www.eventswizard.net for more information.

Events Wizard also specialises in creating corporate and private events upon customer request by providing excellent ideas, unique concept and great services.