mei Li & Daniel: A special celebration

With six months left to their wedding on 8 July 2007, Daniel and Mei Li for Leticia from Events Wizard and their parents to help plan their glorious “Spring Fling” prty for 550 guests at the JW Marriot. The couple had guests flying in from Australia, Indonesia, Mauritius and Hong Kong for the event. It was like a big reunion for all their families and friends. And it was important for this couple that this “reunion” was celebrated with great food! “We wanted our guests to be well-fed and the cuisine at JW Marriot was definately above average. Guests loved the wasabi-pprawn dish - it was yummy,” says Mei Li. A special spring fling pink lychee cocktail was also concocted to match the pink and green theme. Small green apples also adorned the tables as part of the decorations and for guests to munch.

Music played a big part at the Li’s wedding. “We wanted light-hearted, lively and cheeky music. Our DJ understood how we felt and played music that enhanced the mood,” says Mei Li. Guests had so much fun that, during the dancing session, they got up and started performing the Macarena.

Special performances made that event even more memorable. “My sister sang a song she composed and my father sang two numbers - guests wanted an encore,” gushes Mei Li. “Our parents could not stop smiling and our dearest friends were toasting us and celebrating. We are very blessed to have had such a wonderful night.”