Sin Ee & Jeff : Magical Moments

A dream wedding comes true; wrapped in romance, love and a touch of the fairy tale magic.

Photography by Kid Chan Studio

It’s all very romantic… They were at the Four Seasons Langkawi for a short break; he arranged for a candlelight dinner in a tent by the beach; and he proposed to her with a beautiful ring.

This is very much every girl’s dream, and Gan Sin Ee lived it. She relayed her love story joyously, never regretting the office romance that sparked between her and Jeff Kong. “It wasn’t instant attraction,” she said, “but we liked each other’s company and would have lunch together.” As though it was written in the stars, something changed and within a month, they were going steady, and Kong left for another job soon after.

They had their dinner reception in KL Hilton with a fairy tale theme. “I’ve always wanted a fairy tale wedding since I was a little girl and this was the time to  make my dream come true.”

The hall was filled with lots and lots of flowers, like an enchanted garden. They were mainly white roses and lillies, with dabs of green and lilac. With such a romantic proposal, it was befitting that the wedding was romantic too.

“At the main table, we had a dome constructed and decorated with flowers, leaves and butterflies… the effect was magical,” said Gan who confessed to feeling like a fairy queen dining under a magical shade. Candles were lit all along the aisles and made the hall seemed as though it was touched by a magic wand of enchantment
Within all the special moments Gan had at her wedding, nothing could beat the way her husband made her feel as he gave his speech. “It was long but interesting and humorous. I laughed a lot that night, and it was a wonderful way to end my wedding day. I had my dream wedding.