su Ann & Eng Siang: Of Past ANd Present

Of Past And Present; Something old, something new... makes for a grand and memorable wedding.

Photography by The Photoz

Originality is the essence of Yoon Su-Ann’s and Lim Eng Siang’s big day; everyone who attended their wedding had a chance of being a millionaire! How? The main wedding favour to each guest is a lottery ticket, that’s how. “But it’s too bad that no one struck the kackpot!” beamed Yoon.

The whole theme of the wedding was srapped around the idea of wanting everyone to be ‘in the mood for love’. Hence, the colours were deep and passionate, with maroons and reds making the base of the decor and feel of the function room at Nikko Hotel Kuala Lumpr. “It was supposed to have been a poolside affair but it rained and we moved the party to a room,” she explained.

Their wedding was a celebration over a few days. The first was a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. As Lim’s mother is Thai, they also had a lovely Thai wedding blessing ceremony at the Chetawan Thai Buddhist Temple in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Incidently, Lim’s parents first met each other at this very temple! “The Thai wedding blessing by nine monks with religious chanting was a wonderful and beautiful experience. It made me feel very blessed and close to my husband’s family,” expressed Yoon. They had a delicious, spicy Thai lunch cooked by Lim’s relatives who are restauranteurs from Chiang Mai.

They also had a traditionally grand Chinese banquet dinner. “There were family and friends from seven countries at our wedding which made us feel truly honoured,” added Yoon. “We included a slideshow tribute to our grandparents, who we were both very close to, but couldn’t be there at the wedding. Entertainment was by our friends who performed our favourite songs.”

With various parts to the wedding, the main theme was a mixture of the traditional and modern. The Thai ceremony was very Thai from the clothes to the food and decorations. The exchange of vows was non-denominational and more western, though they had the traditional white wedding cake and the tossing of the bouquet. “For the wedding dinner it was ‘Asian chic’. We wanted a theme that would please the older generation and yet not come across as too dated,” Yoon said.

Yoon’s dress-style for the wedding was inspired by her mother and Lim’s mother. Her hand bouquet was like her mother’s consisting of white orchids and roses; she had a Thai dress similar to her mother-in-law’s, and topped off by a vintage black Kua (Chinese jacket-like top) that belonged to her maternal grandmother. “The Kua is over 70 years old and it was really special for me to be able to wear it for my own wedding,” said Yoon with pride.

Yoon’s and Lim’s love story though began quite far from a temple. In fact, they were not close though they knew each other since they were teenagers. In her early 20s, Yoon returned to Kuala Lumpur after working overseas for a few years. She got Lim. who is a real estate agent, to help her find an apartment. “But he didn’t only find me me a place to live in, he also found a place in my heart.”